Pivoting and Unpivoting Data with Power Query

Today, we’re diving deep into one of the most powerful features of Power Query in Excel – pivoting and unpivoting data with Power Query. Whether you’re a seasoned data analyst or just getting started, understanding these techniques will significantly enhance your data manipulation skills. Let’s get started! You may be away of the benefits of… Continue reading Pivoting and Unpivoting Data with Power Query

The Enigma of the Excel Financial Period Formula Actually Solved

The Excel Financial period formula is a calculation that’s worth keeping in your pocket. A lot of companies work this way and knowing the Excel financial period formula is a great way of comparing values across even date periods. What does that mean? Well say if you wanted to compare sales between two months, maybe… Continue reading The Enigma of the Excel Financial Period Formula Actually Solved

What are Pivot Tables?

Have you ever asked the question: “What are Pivot Tables?” Maybe you have heard about Pivot Tables, but still ask what are Pivot Tables used for? Sometimes when conducting a training session a student will say: “We don’t need Pivot Tables”. Then they might look at me with a sideways glance asking: “What are Pivot… Continue reading What are Pivot Tables?

Operator Precedence in Excel

What does operator precedence in Excel mean? Knowing this is important because when you write formulas in Excel you need to remember the rule of Operator Precedence. What is Operator Precedence also referred to as Operator Preference? Operator Precedence is when you write a formula with two or more different operators. The result being is… Continue reading Operator Precedence in Excel

How to Add Conditional Formatting to a Pivot Table

What’s the issue with Conditional Formatting and Pivot Tables? Creating Pivot Table Conditional Formatting is a little different to how you would usually Conditionally Format a spreadsheet. If you have no idea what Conditional Formatting is then think of it as a warning system. When the engine light comes on in your car you know… Continue reading How to Add Conditional Formatting to a Pivot Table

Financial Tax Year Formula

The Fiscal Tax Year End Problem I need a new calculation for the financial tax year, and this why. I only recently realised that the financial tax year, in the UK, actually starts April 6th. This was new to me, I’d always though it was the 1st April. It’s true that many companies choose to… Continue reading Financial Tax Year Formula

The most common Excel problem for beginners is?

What would you say the most common problem is for beginners using Excel? Would it be file management? Or maybe moving beyond the basic four formulas? (+,-,×,÷) Maybe it could be a general fuzziness and lack of confidence about what exactly you’re meant to do with Excel? What do you think?